Saying Goodbye to Social Media

rob labonne samantha sojka

Social media is a Trojan horse that we’ve all willingly let into our brains, unleashing a never ending stream of dopamine fueled likes, cortisol producing click bait articles, and a selfie inspired arms race to prove who’s life is the most interesting.

According to the screentime feature on my iPhone, I’ve spent 8 hours over the last 7 days using social media (twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat). That’s 32 hours per month or 6.4 full time work weeks per year. Enough is enough. I’ve decided to opt out to focus on producing vs consuming.

I’m committing to no social media consumption for the next 6 months and will re-assess how things are going at that point.

To ensure compliance, I’ve had my fiancee to change my passwords in addition to deleting the apps off my phone. The goal being to remove all temptations. Social media is designed to be addicting. More time scrolling, swiping, liking and tapping equals more time for extremely profitable ads to be served.

I will spend this new found time doing, learning, growing and giving more. At the end of every month, I’ll write a recap post discussing what I’ve accomplished with this new found time.

Onward and upward.

Happy New Year,